Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vanderbilt Catholic Told To Drop University Name & Campus Religious Groups Up the Ante

A important update to the Vanderbilt Catholic crisis ,and overall religious or anti religious ethos on campus as some would view it. First Vanderbilt is telling the Catholic to drop the Vanderbilt from their name. See Vanderbilt tells Catholic Students To Change Name. By the way the Vanderbilt Priest that is interviewed  in that article has a blog.

See Finer than a Frog's  Hair . He had quite a personal post on the situation on this situation not long ago at I was born at Vanderbilt

On another front the situation it appears 11 relgious organziations are threatening to follow Vandy Catholic off campus. Huff post has the article Vanderbilt Christian Groups, Citing Religious Freedom, Follow Catholics Off Campus


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