Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Supposed "Sex Obsessed " Rod Dreher Takes On Andrew Sullivan This Holy Week ( Rounds I and II )

I don't find Andrew Sullivan in recent years that interesting , or indeed someone that should be coddled by so many. His views on Catholicism I have found even less informative as he is in constant rage mode. Add to that some crackerjack Biblical "scholarship" of his and well snooze.

  In fact for all his talk of the radical nature of the Gospel he seems to be becoming just more of a mean naplam throwing pundit. As I have stated repeatly it seems a sad downfall for the man that made the New Republic so interesting in my formative years.

Regardless when Andrew Sullivan speaks  for some reason we all must deal with it.

Andrew Sullivan talked Catholics and Christianity this week . It was about sex and of course how certain Christians are obsessed it ( not him of course but "those people" ) .

Rod Dreher takes on Andrew so I don't have to worry about writing a post on it.. See Lust and Jesus Christ and now part II ‘The Deadly Enemy of Our Church’

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