Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Does Senator Olympia Snowe Find Birth Control OR Religious Liberty A 1950's Retro Debate ? ( Or Both )

TPM has this piece out . See Snowe: Birth Control A 'Retro-Debate' From The 1950s .

Now it will be curious to see how "retro" the birth control debate becomes in certain places and societies ( Gasp even our own perhaps ) as we deal with more and more consequences.

However that is not really what the debate Senator Snowe is referencing is all about. It's not a Birth Control debate it's a religious debate via the HHS mandate. If this issue was so retro why hardly was no one demanding this massive change ( at least publicly) just a few years ago.

Whatever Snowe''s views on birth control, I certainly not surethat her personal feelings make various 1st amendments issues "retro". It would seem that many non Catholic religious groups that are very open to contraception are do not think the issues were "retro" either.

Perhaps Snowe is saying that Catholic Bishop authority is very "retro" as to Church matters and the institutions under their guard. . On that score no doubt many would agree , and perhaps think religious liberty rights shall be determined by poll. Out with the Hierarchical form of Church governance , and in with the new polis.

Though one I think can be truly not be "retro" person , and thinking such a endorsement by the Government is problematic. It surely seems a lot of legal academy thinks that.

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