Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catholics Recall To Say Thank You To Some In These Blessed Holy 3 Days ( Holy Week)

Whispers in the Loggia had a good thought yesterday as we now enter into the highlight of the Church year and needless to say it's most Holy these three days.

....Before heading in, though, a quick salute to one group in particular, albeit made up of many parts.

Much as it should be obvious, far too often do those of us in the pews fail to realize to the degree we should how the rites just ahead don't exactly emerge out of thin air. Now as ever, what we'll experience anew this weekend is the fruit of the great sacrifices, hard work and intense preparation of so many in ministry -- lay, professed and ordained, male and female: clergy, liturgists, musicians, RCIA teams and hospitality folk -- without whose contributions these days would never be their fullest and best for the rest of us.

It doesn't say too much about our times that many of these good and faithful servants are more used to hearing criticism much more quickly and often than appreciation, and at least some are left to wonder at times whether they can do anything right. But especially as we enter Holy Thursday -- the feast that, more than any other, celebrates the centrality to our life of Eucharist (that is, "thanksgiving") and service -- to the many who serve us so well, often under difficult circumstances, no words could ever say "Thank You!" enough... and as these days unfold, try not to sweat the small stuff too much so you, too, can get everything you're seeking and deserve from these great moments of grace which you've worked so hard to help give to God's people.

And as ever, church, away we go. Again, to one and all, every good thing of these days to come

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