Friday, July 20, 2012

Mayor of Boston Misplaced the First Amendment Somewhere ( Chick-fil-A ) ( Updated )

Update- Required Reading on what the Chicken guy actually SAID.

I did not not make a good many friends when I said it was wrong for politicalofficials in New York and elsewhere to try to block the "9/11" Mosque based on political or religious viewpoint.

Further for some standing up and saying NO people of certain town in Tennessee you can't block construction of a mosque because of an religious or alleged political viewpoint was not very popular.

You certainly cannot play around with licensing laws to make a end run around that either.

It's also I think distasteful that a public official would monkey around with his oath in stirring up this stuff.

The  Mayor of Boston , sadly Catholic it appears,  has not got the memo on this underlying principle either . See Mayor Menino on Chick-fil-A: Stuff it Vows to block eatery over anti-gay attitude.

He justifies this under the theme of we are city of inclusion. What if a Catholic bookstore like Daughters of St Paul  wanted to move into the area? Would they be given the boot too?

How about this mayor. If people want eat chicken there they can go and if they do not they don't have to go. Don't play with licenses to side with a particular religious or political viewpoint.

This sort of brings up the discussion we have been having related to the HHS mandate and those that seem to think religious views only have Sanctuary in the actual Sanctuary .

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