Friday, July 27, 2012

Gay Marriage Advocates and Others Getting Worried About Chick-fil-A Battles ( Religious Liberty )

I am old enough to recall as a kid how vibrant the free speech community was at time. I vividly recall how a black lawyer was standing up and giving legal assistance to a group of Nazis to be able to march in some neighborhood !!

Wow have times changed. It's been subtle  change year by year but it appears that all offensive beliefs deemed a evil by the powers that be should be stamped out at all cost by some.
The latest is the  Chick-fil-A issue where if one can believe it the mob appeasing Chicago Alderman is doubling down on his comments and going into whole new realms of conduct that tramples the First Amendment. See Chicago Alderman: I Will Deny Business Permit Because “There Are Consequences for [Its Owner's] Statements and Beliefs,” and They Should Include Denial.

Its interesting to note that even some of the most biggest proponents of things like gay marriage that can see the long term view  are starting to get real nervous .

At the top of this list is Sarah Posner where she is also nervous how this will effect concerns over various religious liberty debates. See Chick-fil-A Has a Right to Open Crappy Sandwich Shop in Chicago .

She ends that post by saying:

....Can I say that I hate—almost as much as a chicken sandwich—when Democrats try to throw that “values” language back in the face of conservatives. Conservatives don’t own the “values” conversation—we know, we know! (I think Rahm is having a 2006 campaign flashback.) But since when do businesses get permits (or not) based on their religious or political views? Chick-fil-A should be permitted by city officials to open its restaurant. If Emmanuel is right—that it will be empty of customers—the owners will find out the hard way. But not by giving conservatives ammunition to claim that progressives want to silence their religious views.

Posner who is also part of the whole the Bishops are overeacting to religious liberty concerns and being chicken littles   I suspect sees the bigger picture. If one just looks at this from a political standpoint the Chicken people controversy is perhaps even more effective in alarming people than all the events the Bishops have done so far this year.


APOV said...

Of course, you can't fight discrimination with discrimination, and the Chicago alderman is giving chick fil a cause of action just like Mr. Cathey is giving the homosexual employees and customers cause of action. This discrimation is going to be resolved in a court of law just as it was in the case of Cracker Barrel Country Stores, which made the same bold statements. It all reminds me of when I was growing up in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, and Lucille at the Louisiana Cafe proudly displayed a sign saying that the Civil Rights Act only required that "white trash" eat with "niggers", and that since her customers are not "white trash", she still reserves the right to refuse service to "niggers". These are Lucille's words from 1965, not my words.

James H said...

Well except there is no evidence that they refuse to serve or or LBGT.

It seems their main offense is they donate to people like FOCA.

This has sort of been going since the 90's and I am betting this goes away this week

APOV said...

Well it don't take any genius to know that they discriminate against homosexual employees when they are making donations to anti-gay hate groups, as well as organizations like Exodus International which claims that they can do some sort of chango-presto which turns homosexuals into heterosexuals. They sponsor some sort of "conversion therapy" which seems to be a form of torture where they show pornography to their victims and then give them an electrical shock to turn them off. If a full grown adult wants to subject himself to that sort of thing, it is his own business, but I hear that parents pay them to do it to teenagers also. You can be sure that employers who donate to such anti-gay hate groups are also discriminating against employees, or prospective employees who happen to be homosexual.