Friday, July 27, 2012

Should Persecution of Chinese Catholics Become An 2012 Campaign Issue

I think it should. When are we going as Catholics involved in both parties press this? China is not Iran and indeed we have some influence do we not? I just see this getting worse worse by the day and little consistent effort to rally the forces over here.

Today see Seven Chinese priests forced from parishes following illicit ordination

HARBIN, China -- Chinese government officials have forced seven priests in Heilongjiang province who resisted the illicit episcopal ordination of Father Joseph Yue Fusheng of Harbin to leave their parishes, local Catholic Church sources said.

The action was taken, the sources said, to force the priests to "repent for their wrongdoing," reported the Asian church news agency UCA News.

The priests are either staying with parishioners, returned to their hometowns or have fled to other provinces, according to the sources.

Prior to the July 6 ordination, religious officials within the Chinese government warned that disobedient priests would face dire consequences. In recent weeks, they ordered priests with "dissatisfactory performances" to take three months of leave for self-examination, sources said.......

Get that the GOVERNMENT is telling Priests to repent.

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