Monday, July 2, 2012

Pretending There Are No Women At Fortnight For Freedom ( HHS MANDATE )

UPDATE- Get Religion Link Fixed

I waas not going to post in this article  Fortnight for Freedom: Whose Religious Liberty? written by  Jessica Coblentz is a PhD student in Theology at Boston College. However the group Catholic Democrats just RT it on the twitter so I thought I would respond.

There is a good bit to quibble about what is presented as facts in the article. However the article has a theme we see over and over. Its all male Catholic Bishops vs women.
Now this does not really reflect the reality.
There are many Faith communities that have gone to defcon 2 on this issue and not just Catholic. Almost all of these communities have no problem with birth control.
Further this issue of opposing the HHS contraception mandate is being pushed by a lot of lay Catholics which if the pictures from Fortnight for Freedom events are any indications include a good many women.
This article reminds me of a complaint that someone had at Get Religion. See Why keep interviewing men on women’s issues?
Of course there are pro life political concerns involving the HHS mandate. Needless to say the precedent here makes a lot of pro life activist nervous for the future. And as that Get Religion piece indicates a good many of those people are WOMEN. These females  and others of course have the Bishops ears too and are involved in the process.
Further women are getting to be diverse as men as to attitudes on legal and political issues.
There are women involved in all facets of Fortnight For Freedom and in leading the charge against the HHS contraception mandate. But like the GET RELIGION article points out on other issues a lot of folks pretend they don't exist.


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