Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Bread of Life Discourse Begins With Old Testament Prophet Elisha ( Eucharist )

Elisha Multiplies the Bread TINTORETTO (1577-78)

It is time to start off five weeks of daily ( hopefully) posts on the Eucharist.There might be one a day or more depending on what inspires me.

 The occasion is because we are entering that time of the year for the Bread of Life discourse. Keep track of all my post on this at my post My Five Weeks of Eucharistic Posts - July 29 through August 26 ( Bread of Life )

To start it off I am looking at this Sunday's Mass reading s and for that I go where I make a stop every week before going to Mass. That is The Sacred Page. See their post The Prophet Who Feeds the New Israel: The 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time that looks at all the readings for today.

I think the Eucharistic themes we see in the reading are well set out there. I also like how he starts out.

God could have made us with solar cells in our skin, so all we would have to do is lie in the sun to get the energy we need for life.

But he didn't. In his divine plan, God created us as creature that need to eat. The first command he ever gave us concerned food: what to eat and what not to eat. We turned away from him by an act of eating. And now, since the coming of Christ, we can turn back to him by an act of eating.

Our need to eat reminds us that we are dependent on something or someone outside ourselves—ultimately God—to stay alive......

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