Thursday, July 12, 2012

Robust Vibrant Diocese of Arlington Virginia in Catholic Oath " Controversy "

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington Virginia must perplex a good many people in the area of our Nation's Capitol  It's a pretty robust vibrant Diocese that seems to go against all the Catholicism is free fall headlines we see everyday. This Diocese of 453,916 register Catholics ( and no doubt there are more that have not just registered because of the Demos of the area) is in pretty amazing good shape looking at these stats. In fact as it has for decades their class of Catholic men studying for the Priesthood is pretty darn good.

Now every Diocese has its own problem and no doubt Arlington does. However vocations just don't drop down from Heaven all wrapped up for Jesus. They are a product of strong Catholic families , strong Catholic education, Strong Catholic ID, strong Catholic education, and a strong spiritual life. Which shows I would argue something right is going on here in the Diocese.

Which bring us the to the  " Fidelity Oaths " article that the Washington Post has run . I have no problem with the Post running an article on this since it's news.

 But I do echo Get Religion's critique of the article and it's problems at The scandal of Catholic professions of faith.. Let me suggest another good article in response to this that should be read via Mirrors of Justice. See Oaths . That is a very good read as to the people that might have "problems".

But that aside it appears , at least from standpoint a thousand miles a way, that the Diocese of Arlington is doing and had been in fact BEEN doing for some time many things right. Yet the only time I see the Diocese of Arlington mentioned is when it's framed in some "controversy" . Recall last year how all the nation had to engage on the controversy that some Parish just had  all boy altar servers. On that aee also again from the Washington Post and critiqued again from Get Religion Altar girl debate minus the debate .

Of course the irony in both of these stories is framed in another way maybe they result in strong Catholics and thus success.

I have no problem with "controversial Catholic stories" and it is part of the Washington Post's duty to pick that up for their local readership. But those stories also become national stories  because well it is the national post.

I am hoping one day perhaps more stories ( and maybe they are printed but the local Catholiac is in freefall crowd readership does not retweet them to the world )  on why Arlington seems such a success. That might be of interest to us Catholics nationwide that might want to duplicate it.

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