Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Big Reason To Make Ordinary Confessions in Ordinary Time

I like this post by this priest A Shepherd's Post  at Rebellion Against God is Rebellion Against Man .

.......Sin is rebellion against God. The more we yield to sin, the more obstinate our hearts become. How many people in the world stopped speaking to somebody they loved years ago? If you asked, "Why did you stop speaking to one another?" they will often answer, "I don't remember exactly." It is the same way with God. When we give ourselves over to some sin or another, it is like pouring cement into our hearts. Slowly, they become impenetrable to the Truth. They become rebellious towards God's law. We become insistent that the "The Church is wrong and I am right."

As crazy as it sounds, quite often when we give ourselves over to sin, we try to prove ourselves right, by pouring ourselves into it wholeheartedly. We go from "making a mistake" or from "falling down" into a full-blown rebellion. The person who fails to go to Mass on a particular Sunday goes from that to saying, "I don't need to confess that before receiving Communion again." The married person who violates the marriage vow soon becomes the person announcing to the world, "I have the right to be happy. The children will get over it." The man who is angry and resentful instead of opening himself to God's grace and peace tries to get the rest of the world stirred up as well. He is no longer content to be bitter and angry alone. He won't rest until everyone is bitter and angry!....

Many of us have been there ( perhaps the vast vast majority) and it's really a gift of Grace we see the errors of our way to come back. Some perhaps never make back. It all starts out innocently perhaps and then it just accelerates.

Best to keep it in check with the graces of Sacramental Confession that also helps us improve spirituality. It also has the benefit of not having Lent as "Do Over" each and every year. If that is happening something perhaps is wrong. Been there too.

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