Monday, July 16, 2012

Video Lecture on Huge Church Father Find- Origen 's Homilies on the Psalms !!

I am not sure finding the lost Church Father Origen 's homilies on the Psalms was a "we found the Titanic" moment for Church Father addicts ( it might be). I love the Church Fathers, but I am pretty much an interested observer that loves reading them. Still it's pretty darn significant and exciting. It's  been I guess a little over month since the  exciting news of this  discovery was made public.

That being said  Dr. Lorenzo Perrone (University of Bologna) who confirmed the contents gave a lecture on this to the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies in Jerusalem. Thankfully the vid and the some cliff notes of the talk can be found here. The talk is entitled “Rediscovering Origen Today: First Impressions on the Newly Discovered Collection of Homilies on the Psalms,”


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