Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Huge Day On HHS Contraception Mandate Fight - Wheaton College Is A Player

Some slightly bad news and some very good major news on the HHS Contraception Religious Liberty fight.

First the good news that was also it appears to be a topic at the White House Press Briefing today. That is Wheaton College has  joined in the lawsuit against the HHS mandate. See Wheaton College Sues over HHS Mandate

Wheaton is I suppose the Notre Dame of evangelical Colleges so this is going to be very significant.

On to the bad news. A Nebraska Judge has dismissed some HHS mandate lawuits. However people need to take a big breath here. See from the Beckett folks  National Review Online: One HHS Mandate Case Dismissed, Don’t Read Too Much Into It, by Kyle Duncan

As to this one case I think there is a good shot on appeal. However people need to get use to this up and down as to these cases. In many ways it will follow the Obamacare cases as each side overplays the victories and defeats in individual circuits accross the country.

The Law firm that is represent the Catholic Church no doubt planted these cases in various areas as a result of some well planned  forum shopping. So like the Obamacare cases expect at times Judges to come to different conclusions which is well how it generally all works.

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