Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Newspaper Same-Sex Wedding Announcement For Deep South Catholic Louisiana

It is not my intent in this post to discuss the merits of same sex marriage, blessing, unions etc. I hold a pretty orthodox Catholic position on that.

Still it's worth noting that this is a pretty significant first for this conservative  very Catholic Parish of the State  , and I agree with writer of this story it is perhaps a first for this greater region we call Acadiana here in Louisiana.

Also I do agree that  it taking  place in Kaplan of all places is unexpected. In fact its perhaps is  one of the last places I would expect. See their post This week in awesome: The Kaplan Herald via The Independent.


Undergroundpewster said...

There is no earthly escape from the zeitgeist.

This kind of thing may have contributed to the fall of NOLA's T.P.

James H said...

I am willing to blame the Picayune for anything nowadays lol till they reverse their 3 days a week publishing thing