Monday, July 9, 2012

Christ Crucified Continues in China- Crackdown On Shanghai's Bishop

I have been following the various American Protestant mainline Churches conventions this year. At the United Methodist , the Episcopal, and the Presbyterian Church USA divestment from companies involved in the occupied territories of  the Palestine / Israeli dispute gets major time and discussion.

Well that is all well and good. I am not taking a position on that in this post.

But what about China where the persecution of Christians is very real and happening every day. In today's news China cracks down on Shanghai's courageous new bishop.

If its happening to Catholics it's happening to Protestants that don't think the Church should be govern by the communist party.

Catholic Bishops have spoken out on this topic , but they need to be much more assertive on this. The United States is because of it's position a player in the region. Why then are we so silent?

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