Friday, July 15, 2011

Cardinal Joseph Zen - IT's WAR IN CHINA ( Please Read)

I am pretty computer illiterate and right now I am trying to get my computer to recognize a blessed driver on my new modem. The other one got zapped by a surge caused by lightning. So blogging and tweeting my be sparse this weekend except for the Saturday morning hours.

That being said Whispers in the Loggia has a much needed and well written post on the huge Catholic Crisis in China. American and UK Catholics live in countries that have a somewhat zone of influence still with China. We need to start raising hell about this. THIS IS A HUGE CRISIS.

See In China, "It's a War"

As alwasy besides calling politicos MUCH prayer is needed. One way to get both is to urge your Priest to talk about this at Mass and it discussed in other Catholic venues.

This is not just a Catholic thing of course. See from a Baptist Minister in Baton Rouge When you know those Christians on the news being arrested (or) Shouwang Church

SO talk to everyone about this. This is not something that can wait a few years to engage on.

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