Monday, July 18, 2011

Southern Baptist Leadership Not Happy With Herman Cain

I really like Herman Cain but his comments on Muslims , things that sound like religion tests for public office , and the building of mosques just drive me up the wall. At one point I thought he would crawfish on it but as we saw yesterday he just keeps doubling down on it.

Needless to say these comments make it impossible for me to vote for him.

The Southern Baptist recall the religious persecution that they had to endure in the Colonial days. Religious liberty is in their DNA and the leadership is quick to remind their flock of that. In fact some of the early battles that Baptist Slaveholder themselves had were with their State Governments that tried to interfere with the right of slaves to worship. This happened to some degree in Mississippi where my ancestors helped found the Baptist Church. It's a rather big deal to them.

The response from the Southern Baptist leadership to Cain's comment was fast and furious today. See SBC's Land disagrees with Cain on mosques

I would not be shocked if some other Southern Baptist heavy weights such as Albert Mohler weigh in quickly. He is already upset on another issue that relates to Islam and religious liberty of us all.

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