Thursday, July 14, 2011

National Media Discovers Anti Catholic Preachers And Churches Today

First it was Michelee Bachman see Catholic Republicans- Don't Fall For the Michele Bachmann's Papacy Is Anti Christ Distraction (Updated)

Now it's blessed Rick Perry. Creative Minority Report has Sally Quinn: Rick Perry's Anti-Catholic "Pastor Problem"

In some ways a few Catholics of some influence are to partially to blame for this from the last Republican primary . Some were APPALLED that Huckabee went to Hagee's Church. Though they did not realize at the time that the numerous GOP folks go to Hagee's Church not because of his anti Catholic THEOLOGICAL views but everything about Israel. Once it appeared even John McCain talked to him people sort of shut up on what I thought was a faux controversy and still do. However the media noted someof the reaction by a few and heck why not feed it again. It sold somewhat last time.

Regardless I think most Catholics of Orthodox Faith after the last few years are far more concerned about the anti Catholicism rants of the NYT Op-ed page and now being called people of hate because one opposes gay marriage. That is much more important than the ignorance of Hagee or other folks on the Papacy or issues of Catholic Doctrine relating to Saints or Marian Doctrine. Our religious liberty is at stake now.

So hopefully , and I am seeing encouraging signs, the beast that some want us to feed on so to divide and conquer is not going to be fed on.

Back in the 60s we asked Protestants that did not agree with us on Christian Doctrine not to be prejudice against us as to public office. I am not going to return the favor by now demanding that people have a perfect theology that does not "offend" my Catholic beliefs if they run for office ,or that they must not associate with those that have such an "offensive" viewpoint.

Don't fall for the distraction.

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