Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Vatican Nunico To United States Should Engage Obama On Foreign Policy

Whispers has a nice post on the yesterdays big news coming out of Rome. See "Super-Nuncio," Rome-Bound?

He gives a overview of the performance of what we believe to be a outgoing Nuncio Archbishop Pietro Sambi of whom I am a big fan. I got the pleasure of meeting him when he came to the Diocese of Shreveport. He also gives the background of the new Nunico coming in.

I don't think there is a lot a Papal Nunico can do about the current Administration's viewpoint ( and add to that the 50 Governors) various views on abortion, stem cell research, gay marraige etc.

However I think there is A LOT they can do to spread the Holy See viewpoint on American foriegn policy on population control , abortion, and all sort of other matters that they ( in our name) are pursuing in the UN and it's conditions on aid to various countries.

Further what about CHINA? We have influence with China and yet everyone (not just Obama's State Department) seem to be silent on the latest persecution of Catholics and other Christians. Including the latest outrage.

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