Saturday, July 30, 2011

Federal Judge Gives Huge Victory For Louisiana Monks- They Can Keep Selling Caskets

The Federal debt limit talks are all consuming and thus a lot of big news is not being covered like it would . Things like an attempted attack on a American military base, an Congressional sex (possible crime) scandal, even the Norway terrorist horror is sort of back page news FOR NOW. It is not like it's not being covered but the focus is on other things here.

In Louisiana a rather big case was resolved last week for the a group of Louisiana Monks that I missed becaused I have been rather all consumed with the debt news. . MONKS 1 Louisiana Funeral Industry 0.

See Judge rules funeral industry can't stop St. Joseph Abbey from selling caskets

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Rick67 said...

Yeeeessss!!! Dang this is great news. Smack down those artificial monopolies!