Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good American Theocrat Versus Bad American Theocrat

Reformed Pastor has a good post here at Theocrat Watch XII.

Whats the difference? By the way I am a big supporter of the Dream act but that is besides the point. You have people of Faith that because of that that are against abortion, gay marriage etc. These are the "bad theocrats" we are told.

On the other side we have people of faith and because of that are for gay marriage, against state Execution, want to reform the immigration system etc etc.

Are those good theocrats? No one is going to label them as such but as we see there is not much difference in their actions. WHY NO SCREAMING OF SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE as to this second group.

For the record I don't think Senator Durbin is doing anything wrong. However the double standard is amazing.

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