Monday, July 18, 2011

Political Connections and Sexual Child Abuse in Grand Isle Louisiana

Thank goodness Slabbed has been staying on top of this situation and writing about this from the start. . I am shocked that no one seems to give a damn. See his last post Hung Jury: Molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin gets a mistrial.

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Anonymous said...

ALERT : Parents do NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN to the TARPON Rodeo in GRAND ISLE! Politically Protected Pedophiles LURK! The official website of this drunken debaucherie ... shows HUNDREDS of PHOTOS of children who are brought to this event. Even the politicians who participated in keeping Jay Dardin OUT of jail, bring their OWN CHILDREN. I expect in 10 years or so, MORE Victims will emerge. It is an ABOMINATION!