Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are Arkansas Democrats In Big Trouble?

I talked Texas this morning ( see Texas Democrats , Including Hispanics , Some of the Most Conservative in USA ) now to Arkansas.

The fact that popular Democrat's Congressman Mike Ross of Arkansas has announced he will not run again is not all bad news for Democrats since he is no doubt running for Governor. However as this article points out that has still not helped the mood among some. See ARKANSAS DEMOCRATS' OVERREACTION SHOWS SIGNS OF DESPERATION.

I see a similar dynamic here in Louisiana sometimes among democrats. That is some incredible frustration and lack of direction that leads to so something similar to what we are seeing in Arkansas.

As to the district of Mike Ross if the GOP can get the right person in it could very well be a pick up. Arkansas Democrats in this District on the whole might not be quite as conservative as those mentioned in the Texas link but many are in the ballpark.

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