Monday, July 18, 2011

Can We Send Louisiana Leading Republicans To Family Therapy

The personal relationships among the top Louisiana elected officials are so dysfunctional even for the tough world of politics.

Republican David Vitter ( and Staff) and Democrat Mary Landrieu ( and Staff) seem to rarely talk to each other which even if they are in two different parties reached a level of absurd silliness a long time ago. I am not placing the blame on one party but both of them. Yeah Mary can be one first class (rhymes with a character in the Wizard of OZ) but David has his moments too.

Vitter folks ( and staff) don't seem to get along with the Governor Jindal's Office ( and Staff) and the feeling is mutual it seems.

Our Lt Governor Jay Dardenne and Vitter it appears don't get along too well which is one reason why I guess Vitter is about to REALLY get involved in that race. I am not sure what the relationship is between Jay and Jindal but I suspect there is some drama. Though if Vitter is supporting Jay''s opponent then I expect Bobby might support Jay.

Now today we see this unnecessary drama. See David Vitter and Bobby Jindal vie for influence among GOP legislators

Each side (or sides) keep escalating this battle and at some point who "started it" gets to be a worthless question

The Advocate rightly points out that many will have great fun in watching the GOP fight as we devour their own.

There is nothing about legitimate intra party debate but this and other things seems all so personal. Here is one other point. The Louisiana Democrat party might be on LIFE SUPPORT RIGHT NOW but they will come back. We in the GOP should using this time period wisely and this is not the way to do it.

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