Monday, July 4, 2011

When On the Fourth of July Being Called A "Roman" Catholic Was An Insult ( Mega 4th Links)

This video at the time and I still think now sends chills down many a person's spine whether they are Catholic or not. It was perhaps in the top ten moments I felt most proud to be an American and a Catholic.

It is amazing how far we have come and perhaps have now sadly come full circle perhaps in some ways . Whispers in the Loggia has a nice post that gives us a quick overview of Catholics on the first 4th of July to present day. See "The Genial Atmosphere of Liberty"... and "The Patriotic Part"

It should be recalled on this day, as we see in fact many prominent "Catholics", that have "arrived" because of the blood , sweat, and tears of others who seem to want to shed their connection to the See of Peter, that ROMAN Catholics are being persecuted for for their Faith to this See at this very moment in China.

The Anchoress has a nice post on what Pope Benedict has said what Freedom is all about. See Thoughts on Civic Freedom.

Returning to our Founding Fathers Defend Us In Battles has a link to an article that Archbishop Chaput did that quotes James Madison. A quote that lets hope in this day and age no one forgets. See America, Religion & Freedom

American Catholic has the thoughts of another Founding Fathers. Catholic's own Charles Carroll of Carrollton: Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length of Time. If I can let me add to that a post I did Last Words of the Last Surviving And Only Catholic Signer of Declaration of Independence- CHARLES CARROLL OF CARROLLTON

American Catholic has a ton of 4th July related links at Happy Independence Day.

Mirrors of Justice looks at last year's Independence day message from Archbishop Dolan at Declaring our dependence (on God) where it proposed the most Revolutionary statement we make today we Catholic do each week.

Last but not least as they say Freedom is not Free. This was a moving article for me from the Wall Street Journal While My Son Serves.

On that related note there are roughly 250,000 Catholic men and women serving in the United States Armed Service and they are served by sadly what is perhaps one of the most overlooked Dioceses in the United States needs our prayers, support, and indeed our vocations. See the Archdiocese of Military of Services.

Happy 4th!!!

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