Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Hints Major Bombshells Will Implicate 3 or 4 SEC Schools

This is the third time I have heard wind of this in days. I am afraid LSU might be on this list though I hope not. At the bottom of this interesting piece Winds of Change Blowing Again? which examines if Texas A & M will enter the SEC we see this:

He told me that in the spring, the SEC was really focused on working with CBS and ESPN to restructure their TV deal given how the dollars have skyrocketed with the ACC , new Big 12, and Pac-12. He also told me that the SEC felt they could get a new deal by expansion of two teams to get the networks to the table and that a priority was Texas A&M. I

In fact, my source claims that the SEC has/had Clemson ready to go and they were simply waiting to see if Texas A&M could get their ducks in a row and leave the Big 12. When I asked whether the SEC would still take A&M, he said paraphrasing “are you kidding me, the SEC is drooling over the Aggies. They bring the state of Texas to the table.”

But he was clear to say that was the focus in the spring. He says that while the SEC would take A&M and expand in a minute, he questioned whether Texas A&M would want to come to the SEC right now given what he called “the mess that is building here”. He told me that with all the media attention on the Cam Newton situation at Auburn along with the Will Lyles stuff and other things that “there are other allegations that will come out that will implicate 3-4 other SEC schools”, the SEC has shifted its attention to managing the fallout he said will likely come when these allegations hit.

So instead of worrying about whether the SEC will take A&M, it appears the issue could be whether the time is right for A&M to take the SEC. So that is another strike against an immediate decision. However, if the NCAA starts cleaning up the SEC, that could actually be a positive for the Aggies since the biggest hurdle on the AD side has been the concern about the recruiting environment and the infamous SEC tactics. But, a multiple school scandal likely won’t sit well with CBS .

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