Sunday, December 23, 2007

Reuters Doesn't Interview Pro-Huckabee Catholic Bloggers!!!

I am Astonished!!! I have written on this topic before of course this week. Go see Huckabee Disavows Hagee's Anti-Catholic Sentiments , and A Catholic and An Orthodox Not Upset about Huckabee , and The Faux Controversy Over Huckabee and Catholics .

The article that just came over the news wire is called Huckabee angers some Catholics. It of course is lacking in several aspects. It fails to note that both Catholics and non Catholic politicians often appear before Churches that don't think some of their separated breath en are correct in all things. It would have been interesting if the article had noted that Catholic Political Icon former Senator Rick Santorum had also shared a common stage with Hagee. However I go into all this in the links above. Here is the amusing part:

But Catholic bloggers on the Internet were mostly critical about Huckabee's visit. The Catholic News Agency ran the headline: "Mike Huckabee to speak at strongly anti-Catholic preacher's church."One Catholic blogger said while Huckabee was an eloquent spokesman for the "culture of life" -- code for the anti-abortion cause -- his visit to "a church pastored by a raving anti-Catholic bigot" was deeply troubling.

That is it one unnamed Catholic Blogger. I have been observing this situation over the past few days. I found that most Catholic bloggers that were non political had some questions but it was nothing approaching Anger on a wide scale.. I also can't help but notice that many Catholic Bloggers that were"angry" had Romney, Paul, or Thompson stuff on their blog :). I know how this works. NO doubt if Thompson appeared some Huckabee bloggers would be "upset". This was pointed out so well by conservative commentator Rod Dreher who admitted how silly this was when he wrote his "own angry screeds" when he was supporting McCain and was ranting about Bush going to Bob Jones University 8 years ago. Go see Huck, Hagee and tolerance.

It would have made an interesting article if they had interviewed some Catholic bloggers that were not angry. They would not be hard to find through google.. For instance what about Catholics For Huckabee . I don't think very devout Catholic Kevin Tracy is angry.

A blogger of note they could have talked too is Catholic Knight. In fact when I google "Catholic" and "Huckabee" he is one of the first things that come up. He would have been a interesting person to talk too. He has been talking about this all week. Through his efforts we find that in just a few short weeks a good many Catholics are involved in his Rosary For Huckabee campaign. Including me.

What about noted the Catholic Apologist that resides at Fighting Irish Thomas. I should also note he is a huge Pro-lifer that was very involved in fighting the opening of America's largest abortion clinic outside Chicago. Oh and look at what is at the top of his page currently. A beautiful post Spe Salvi—Will Hope Save Hughes and Huckabee? He also has a wonderful and beautiful site called Domers For Huckabee.Yes a Notre Dame Huckabee site.

The Catholic "blogsphere" is not angry. It is notable that most of the top 100 Catholic blogs are not even talking about it. Despite the fact that anti Huckabee folks have been feeding this story for 3 days.


M. Alexander said...

Dear James, You fail to mention that Rick Santorum may have done the same and significantly did not win re-election.

James H said...

That is true. However I have ssen no evidence that the good people of Pennsyvania voted him out because he was hanging with Hagee lol

Anonymous said...

This conservative Catholic supports Fred Thompson. I have a real problem with Mike Huckabee's liberal Arkansas record and I do not want a Pastor-in-chief. The latter is not a rant against his religion. It is has to do with how other nations would perceive our government and it has to do with the fact that I don't want to see Christianity the divisive focus that it already has become. Rather, I want to see the nation's problems worked on and resolved asap.


Anonymous said...

I responded to your comment on my blog. But in short, I'm not angry, just skeptical. And I too am voting for Fred Thompson.

Cheers and Merry Christmas,

Jeff said...

That's a really interesting read. The entire issue does seem overblown, though I still think Huckabee's comment about Hagee being one of the great Christian leaders in the nation seems a little questionable, but that's only if Hagee is really as anti-Catholic as some people believe.

Personally, I'm not religious, so I'm not really bothered either way by this. I'm still not a huge fan of Huckabee, but I've never been a huge fan of the Republican party in the first place. The man does seem to suffering from a lot of bad press (though that could be argued as being another fun effect of becoming a frontrunner for the Republican nomination), whether it's deserved or not. It seems as though the AIDS comment is the only one that he really deserves so far.