Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Catholic and An Orthodox Not Upset about Huckabee

That Catholic being me and that Eastern Orthodox being the very important commentator on conservative politics and religion the Eastern Orthodox Rod Drehrer. By the way Louisiana readers, Rod is from St Francisville and is a LSU grad( Geaux Tigers).

Anyway I talked why I was not offended at my earlier entry The Faux Controversy over Huckabee and Anti Catholicism. Rod has his must read piece here called Huck, Hagee and tolerance.

Mr Dreher in his fun sort of way also shows the big double standard of the National Review Corner Blog Crowd and the always loveable Mrs Lopez. He sort of shows her up which really kind of made my night. Mrs Lopez is a piece of work. I like her though. She is like an attack dog that just bites bites bites. She also thinks the whole world will have amnesia and forget what she wrote 6 months ago .

As Rod points out Mrs Lopez has written an article that puts her in the role of defending Holy Mother Church. I have to note that about 6 months ago she was absent in that role as people were talking about Catholic plots for "open borders" and they just wanted illegals here for the money. She was very much in the Amen corner on that one. So to say the least Mrs Lopez is no National Review Joan of Arc over there. Oh well, Like I said she knows most people will forget what she writes as she moves on to her next victim. This month it is Huckabee and next month who knows.

Anyway Rod is a good gauge of things. Hagee anti Catholic statements are very much related to his weird view of the Jews and their current state via his own views of Christian Theology. Hagee goes way back and bashes all the ancient Church Fathers East and West as being anti Jewish. Since the Orthodox revere the Fathers more than even Catholics do his opinion has some weight.

Good Read.

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