Sunday, December 23, 2007

Huckabee Disavows Hagee's Anti-Catholic Sentiments

Well I was expecting this of course. To think Huckabee agrees with these aspects of Hagee's theology as well as others was silly. Go see Huckabee Disavows Anti-Catholic Sentiments At Church Where He Will Speak . Let me excerpt this part:
During an interview at his last campaign stop in Iowa before Christmas, Republican front-runner Mike Huckabee disavowed anti-Catholic comments and teachings made by the senior pastor of a Texas church where he will be speaking on Sunday.
Huckabee wrapped up an ambitious pre-Christmas tour of Iowa on Saturday with four appearances in the Fifth Congressional District, home to more than half of the state's registered Republicans. He returns to Iowa after celebrating Christmas with his family in Arkansas. But on the way home, Huckabee will make a stop in San Antonio where he will speak to members of the Cornerstone Church.
Cornerstone is one of the nation's largest churches, with nearly 17,000 members. John C. Hagee, senior pastor at the church, has told his congregation in the past that the Beast referred to in the Bible is actually the Catholic Church and the so-called Anti-Christ is the Pope.
"I have to say that I don't agree with those teachings," Huckabee told the Iowa Independent following a speech in Sheldon. "Several members of my staff are Catholic and have marched shoulder to shoulder many times in pro-life marches with people of the Catholic faith."
When he was asked if he was aware of Hagee's teachings about the Catholic Church, Huckabee said he wasn't. "There are things that he believes that I wouldn't agree with and I am sure there are things that I believe that he wouldn't agree with

As I stated before I expect Huckabee will be talking the Israel issue tomorrow. Which of course Hagee is a big political player. Let me add some thoughts about some things that have been bothering me that are related but not really about Huckabee. First let me give the other posts on this subject I have done as to the Huckabee situation. They are:
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Now this has been largely a faux controversy. I am happy to report that despite a few Catholic blogs , with some exceptions, most of the "controversy" has been limited to those Catholic "Thompson" , "Romney", or "Paul" blogs(which of course have a obvious agenda) I have noticed quite a civil discussion elsewhere. I think this is because people are not stupid on this issue. Also they know that Catholics such as Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes have made similar appearances talking on issues in churches where the pastor and lay folks don't think too highly of the Papacy. . Anyway something has bothered me about this issue and it is more long term. For those Catholics and others that said or still say that Huckabee or any other politician should not go to Churches like this hear me out.

I suppose being a Catholic convert where one has significant family as Seventh Day Adventists , especially My beloved Grandmother that loves me to death, helps put this all in its proper place. Seventh Day Adventists make Hagee look like a lay follower of the Order of St Benedict.

I think there is perhaps a fatal disconnect going on among people that don't why understand Huckabee or other politicians are going to Hagee’s Church or similar ones. I think this disconnect is occurring on a religious , social, geographical and perhaps even more important an economic level.

As I have stated before the last few days, I am from a state that has a number of white or mixed ethnic Evangelical Churches that invite politicians in. Of course the Black Church has always had that here. That being said I have escorted Catholic Politicians to some of these Churches that to say the least at times do not give very Catholic friendly sermons.I guess it hit me today what people are missing. I follow anti Catholics a good bit. Hagee to be honest has never interested me that much because his anti Catholic thoughts are a sideline to his main project of support of Israel. Even though they are related as to his strange theology.

Anyway have we gone from a era from where Catholic Politicians are not trusted to where Catholic Politicans are invited to speak to now some Catholics saying "oh no they don’t pass the theology test don’t go there"?

What strikes me is this ,and let me be clear that I don’t want to offend people of these Churches. You can’t put all of these "particular" Evangelicals in a box as to theology or economics . But many places where these doctrines among others are taught the Church is everything. It is the center. I suppose it can compared to what a Catholic Parish was in the 50’s before we all got rich and moved to the Burbs.

Well again not to say this always the case, but if you go you will often see a whole much of have nots or people really struggling. They don’t care if the politician is Catholic or Methodist or whatever when they invite them in. They just want to hear him and more importantly have him or her listen to them. Also I will be blunt. I think it is a honor to be invited into a place that is deemed so important to them.

Many people would be surprised ,but it is just not social issues being discussed there. People are talking about other struggles.I thinking from a Catholic politician standpoint because I have seen that in action here as to these Churches. Have we got to the point that we are so secure we don’t go to them. We say "Sorry your beliefs are too UN PC and we just don't like them".and "If you want to talk to me and you come on down to where I am at".

I know many people are not thinking about this but I am. See some of these people at these Churches that have invited us to speak have given Catholic politicians their votes. I wonder if a theology test of who politicians can and can not speak to is very right. Politicians are servants. They need to go to where the people are at. For many people feel the most comfortable talking these issues in this environment and interacting there. To start putting up roadblocks to people that are our countrymen and in fact are in real need seems well -very UN Catholic.

So my position remain what it was before this. Whether its Senator Mary Landrieu, Jeb Bush, Alan Keyes, Huckabee , or Romney let them go the people. Their job is not to be commander in chief of correct and unoffensive Theology.


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated ... Join ... very useful to track who links to your blog and to determine your "influence"

James H said...

Thanks I will. I very much to see who is linking so I can viosit their blogs

geoffrobinson said...

I'm a former Roman Catholic. I'm an evangelical now. I disagree with Roman Catholic theology and teachings of history. Roman Catholics disagree with me. I think Roman teachings fall under the anathema of Paul in Galatians. Trent put Protestants under the anathema.

Conservative (theologically) Roman Catholics seem really quick to label people opposed to Roman teachings as anti-Catholics. But they don't seem to call themselves anti-Protestants.

Now, if Hagee said something ridiculous that's another matter. But if it is a problem with statements over theology, then Roman Catholics need to develop a better perspective on the situation.

I think you seem to have it. Good post.

James H said...

Thanks Geo

You are right and I have stayed away so far from commenting on some Catholic bloggers that are feining outrage because some also have some harsh things to say about Protestants. Again I am seeing this outside that realm.

As to Hagee statement there are some statements about the Pope and Hitler that are driving Catholics up the wall. However I have to say that various secular media outlets also push those rumors and I dont see the outrage. So in the end I think much of this is much more a issue among Catholics that are supporting someone else. That is not all of them but for the most part that has been my observation

James H said...

PS. Just for Clarification. You or any other Protestant today is not under an anemthama by Trent

geoffrobinson said...

Yeah, good point about the WWII papal issues. I think more balanced research has blown away those myths. But how many Jewish groups over the years have repeated that meme? You would need a lot more than that for a genuine concern.

To put it more broadly though. I believe in the theological deficiencies in the Roman Catholic Church. But are we going to reach the point where if someone disagrees with you and thinks there are ramifications to errors (i.e., hell) you aren't going to vote for them?

In other words, are we going to reach the point where only religious inclusivists are going to be able to be elected? I'm OK, you're OK.

Even if someone disagreed with me theologically, I'd at least be reassured they had a backbone.