Wednesday, November 13, 2013

United State Catholic Bishops Issue New HHS Contraception Mandate Statement

Its has a been a busy week on the HHS contraception mandate front. There was a major victory for those that oppose the HHS Mandate in the nation's 7th Circuit. That opinion is is being hailed in legal circuits as giving the bests argument on both sides we have seen so far. See Seventh Circuit Enjoins Enforcement of Contraception Mandate Against For-Profits by Marc O. DeGirolami . That post also lists the Circuit courts as to how they have ruled so far on various matters as to the HHS Contraception mandate.

Last but not least today at the conclusion of the United States Catholics Bishops meeting they have issue on statement on the matter. Rocco Palmo has that at  On "Coercive, Frustrating" HHS Mandate, Bishops "Stand United to Resist"

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