Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did the Friendly Atheist Just Say Celibacy Causes Child Sex Abuse ?

It seems I am picking on the Friendly Atheist website since this is my third post in a row on that site .That  is partly because the Friendly Atheist is one of my first stops of the day and then something else catches my attention span then I don't blog. This happens a good bit when Football is on.

Still I thought there should be some comment on this post . See A One-Time Catholic Priest Argues That the Celibacy Requirement is ‘Destructive’

We are not quite hearing so much about this topic in some places because Priesthood Vocations are on the rise again in many places. I also find it interesting that as to VOCATIONS we are not really focusing on the true SEX and Marriage problem. That is Catholics that actually marry ! More harm is being done to Catholic lives ( see children ) , to society ,  and to the Church by the real problem of Catholic divorce than celibacy.

That being said the Friendly Atheist said this  :

It sticks to the concepts of celibacy and bachelorhood for its leaders, both rules that contribute to the child abuse scandals.

Really? Is Time Tebow that is not having sex till he is married a threat to children. Should we be encouraging teenage boys  girls to have sex as soon as they can so they don't abuse kids? Should we band people that for various reason have problems finding someone to have sexual relations with from the parks and schools. Should bachelors in our schools be viewed as suspect when they apply for teaching positions ?

Also if celibacy " contributes " to child sex abuse why do we see so such of it among married clergy and well married folks ?

Now perhaps the Friendly Atheists is saying the fact these folks are celibate they just don't care about kids and thus cover it up. Still the question remains. If that was the case why do so many families, churches with lay leadership and married clergy , schools, and various other public bodies that have guard over kids cover it up. Most of those folks are married and getting their thing on a good bit

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