Saturday, November 16, 2013

Atheist Takes Pope Francis Out of Context- Pope Says Don't Be Curious My Flock !

I am guessing  Friendly Atheist  is one of the more popular site for people of no belief to stop in at. Terry Firma had a rather unfortunate post up commenting on daily Mass homily that the Pope did past week. The Homily got some attention but not for the reason Terry Firma is mentioning. See his post Pope Francis Warns Believers Not To Be Curious, So They May Avoid ‘Confusion’.

Thankfully some folks in the comments that are atheist took the author to task for a little bit or a great bit of dishonesty. Also one thankfully noted that the term " Dark Ages " is not a good one.

That being said this is an interesting example of the downsides of not having a full transcript to these homilies. 

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