Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New York Times Column Says Dallas Killed President Kennedy

Oh boy is Rod Dreher incensed and he should be . See It’s Always Dallas’s Fault .

I did not think I would have a  lot of interest in the the big 50th anniversary of the JFK killing. One reason is it is  a day that is recalled each year with a good bit of fanfare. Also I was thinking jeez what could be new under the sun that would be talked about.

However the other night I watched a fascinating show on National Geographic with great footage and eyewitnesses that talked about the whole TEXAS TRIP.

We forget about the event in Texas that happened before Dallas. JFK was met by very huge crowds everywhere. It was very much a success. This was no small feat because of the numerous purposes for this trip.

 The Fort Worth events were something else and  National Geographic special show how the people there really went out of their way.  The show went into how the host committee puts loads of priceless art into their hotel room to make them feel welcome was a prime example. The day he died he spoke in front of a packed audience at a Breakfast. They loved him and this was largely a crowd that likely did not vote for him.

When you see footage of JFK in Dallas we often just see Love Field and then boom the place he got shot. We don't often see the huge large friendly  crowds that lined the roads before they even got into downtown Dallas . This show had it.

Also as has been pointed out the Secret Service had no indications of threats to Kennedy in the city that " willed to Kill The President " as the NYT columnist would say.

The fact that Oswald not only was far leftist  but came within a hair of killing right wing General Walker plus wanting to kill Richard Nixon I know complicates things. All that plays a role in the conspiracy theories and as we see here blaming Dallas for something it did not do.

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