Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is Cremation Bringing Back The Catholic Parish Cemetery ? - Archdiocese of Atlanta

This is a very very interesting article from the Archdiocese of Atlanta . See A final resting place: New practice consoles living .

Cremation for good reasons was frowned upon by the Church for a long time because some viewed it as a denial of the Resurrection of the Body.

However what we have in the Archdiocese is that loved ones ( and it appears in great numbers ) or engaging in more devout practices with their relatives that have passed on. I have to admit that while I am not personally myself thrilled with the idea of cremation for me , the fact I could be buried or be part of a columbarium as a part of a CHURCH and not some secular cemetery is appealing to me . In the end it is " Holy Ground "

This part was interesting :

Several parishes built columbaria and memorial gardens for cremated remains to serve parishioners’ needs. They were forbidden for years, but now these sites may be built with the approval of the archbishop. Deacon Egan said the driving concern has been relocating a columbarium or a memorial garden, if a parish church ever moves. A new archdiocesan policy requires a parish to reserve with the archdiocese one-third of construction costs in case a memorial area ever needs to be relocated, said Deacon Egan.

So if the new Parish moves you go with it ! That seems to even more affirm Catholic beliefs in a way as to our theology and belief about death.

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