Thursday, November 21, 2013

Former Fox Journalist Now Vatican PR Guru Greg Burke Profiled By Daily Mail

Journalist Greg Burke has always been a interesting fellow to watch and indeed that continues as he is not in a very senior position in crafting the communications message and imaging of the Vatican . The Daily Mail profiles him in this piece . See The PR genius who helped make the Pope popular: Francis's marketing mastermind, an ex US journalist who belongs to Opus Dei .

I found this nugget of info very important and I think has showed part of the problem in the past .  

Mr Burke is the only person in the Vatican's communications structure with vast print and television experience from outside the sometimes insular world of Catholic media. 'I've had a lot of diverse media experience that I hope I can put to use for the Church that I love,' Mr Burke said at the time.

That is pretty incredible in this day and age I think. I think we are seeing the benefits of getting some new blood with a different experience in the system.

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