Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catholic Law Prof : Lack of Honesty In Promoting Obamacare Will Hurt Social Justice Efforts

I can recall a few years back a incredibly dishonest campaign in an effort to stop the execution of an Georgia man. It seemed in the name of " social justice " what were a few , well a whole ton really , white lies and misinformation. I am not a big fan of State execution but the whole episode made me distrust the that movement for a while.

I thought about that today when I read this relating to the Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act if you  wish via the Catholic legal law site Mirrors of Justice . See How Not to Do Social Justice: The Obamacare Example .

Law Prof Greg Sisk in a good piece really goes to to town on this issue.

...For today, one lesson emerges most clearly for anyone advocating social justice initiatives: Be scrupulously honest. If there will be winners and losers under a proposal, admit as much. If enactment of a government program or regulation will restrict freedom of choice by citizens to a certain menu of options approved by the government, be willing to say so. If intervention by the government will have economic effects, such as increasing the costs of products, don't pretend otherwise. If advancing the common good will require sacrifices by the many in order to provide better for the few, be forthright in defending that result. If instead, you mislead the people about what will come, even for what you believe to be a higher cause, then the public cynicism and popular backlash may do more than damage your cause in a political sense. It may set back the cause of social justice altogether and dissolve the common good into a battle of special interests seeking advantage in the aftermath of failure. By overreaching—and by being disingenuous as you overreach—the most vulnerable in our society may suffer the most when the house of cards collapses and public faith in civil society is weakened....

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