Saturday, November 2, 2013

Atheist Terry Firma and This Catholic Agree - Be Wary of Latest Facebook Censorship

It has been a rather depressing week for people that believe in First Amendment values. See the latest from Brown University via Rod Dreher at Brown: An Ivy League Kindergarten . 

Some of those comments come from America's " best and brightest " .

One thing I have observed protecting First Amendment is not always fun or popular. There are depressing number of Christians , Non Christians , Atheists , Liberals , Conservatives , Democrats , and Republicans that very much like to punish ( in ways that are chilling )  or censor speech they don't like all while professing love for Freedom of Speech , Assembly and  Religion .

This week Facebook posed a timeout on a person that posted a cartoon as to the crucifixion  . See via The Friendly Atheist Popular ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ Comic Artist Gets Banned From Facebook For Mild Crucifix Joke .

Now let me state  I of course know that Facebook is not a government actor.

Also just because Facebook , or any other social media like Google , Twitter ,etc is popular  and used my many it does not mean they should be treated like government actor. 

However social media sites like Twitter and Facebook should be reminded that they have special " duardian roles " in what we in the USA call First amendment values.

Just from a Christian and Conservative selfish point of view worried how the winds are blowing I can tell you " censorship " and chilling of speech is not going to be helpful to Christians in the future. So at the very least Christians and people of Faith should at least very selfish reasons worry about how certain social media , search engines , etc act.

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