Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What must Huckabee do Next Tuesday?

I am alternating political and non political post today. Contrary to the pundits Huckabee is far from dead. It is truly a three man race with Romeny very much on the ropes. I will do a much bigger analysis of the race later.

What does Huckabee have to do? In short he must win the following 5 states next week. Delegates are noted GA(72), MO(58), TN(55), AL(48), AR(34), WV(30).

He can perhaps lose one if he can pick another state is that close in play. That being in all likelihood Oklahoma or perhaps Minnesota. This is rubber meets the road time. Winning those states helps him with the next string of Primaries. However we cannot go forward by just winning Georgia for instance. Winning these states show Mike has a broad movement behind him. It sets himself up well for primaries coming up and Texas which is the big Enchilada.

Romney is quickly not becoming a factor in the above states. If we can hold off McCain then the country will take note and the race will go on.

If not There will be serious discussion with Mike and his supporters that a continued race just drains the coffers of a McCain campaign for the general.

That is just how it is. So lets win them

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