Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Observations On the Michigan Primary and the Future

First off. I try not to be very anti on here. However Romney has got to figure out he has a likability problem at times. The fact that it appears on purpose he did his Victory speech right when McCain was starting his speech is a very unclassy move. Have no doubt that was noted and spoke volumes to people.

Huckabee-I am satisfied with the results. We had not gone into Michigan in almost a year. We had not sent one piece of targeted direct mail in nime months and ran no advertising. We were active there for 4 days. I am pretty pumped. It is a shame that we were broke for so long. A concerted effort to get the "gun" vote up there would have done wonders. Well that's life. I think we are in good spot to get South Carolina. IN fact the Huckabee camp seems very very optimistic about it. If we can win South Carolina we are great shape for Florida.

McCain-Well bad night for him I suppose. However I don't think it is as dramatic as the tv guys are letting on. He will have a good showing in SC and it will be tough for us to beat him. His followers are very loyal and I don't think they are defecting.

Romney- Well he did what he had to do. He has breathed new life into his movement that people were asking questions about. Now here is the risk for him. In four days we shall have the South Carolina Primary. Where will he finish?

Rudy-Again I don't get the strategy he is doing. If he had gone to Michigan I think he would have done a whole lot better.

Fred Thompson-Again like Rudy why did he not go to Michigan? Hmmm

Things that are bothering me-
I really wish people would quit throwing around the word "evangelical" voter in such a rash way. Religious voters in Michigan are quite different than Evangelicals in other places. More Reformed, WAY WAY WAY more Calvinist. Then you have the whole Dutch thing. Anyway it is getting annoying

The Future-
If a person can win both South Carolina and Florida I think the picture clears us big time. If it does not happen I fear the chances go up big time of a brokered convention. Winning two states in a row should give big MO to win Super Tuesday states. If that does not happen it is a unholy fractured mess.

Returning to Huckabee needless to say this is a big week. He is in position to do it.

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Robin said...

Somehow you've forgotten to mention the most conservative candidate running in your analysis...Ron Paul. Check out what he said right after the death of Pope John Paul II. http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul244.html