Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Look at Cardinal Law In Exile

Cardinal Law is one of those difficult subject to bring up.

Needless to say the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal is still raw and he was in the middle of it. I never was one though that wanted to draw and quarter Cardinal Law. I am sure that admission will make some people just explode with anger. I got to know Cardinal Law in some degree through people that knew him Way before he was a Cardinal but when he a priest in the Diocese of Jackson Mississippi.

Still this is a interesting article that again John Allen has done. It looks at what Cardinal Law is doing in Rome. It is called After the fall-Law finds normality in an unremarkable role in Rome. I also recommend a side piece he did that goes with this article St. Mary Major is the right place for penance which is interesting.

I have come convinced that many years will have to pass before an objective view of Cardinal Law as well as the whole Catholic Clergy Abuse Scandal can be had. No doubt there were casualties of untold numbers. The Church this year will be engaging in prayer and public penance for that in fact. More on that later this week perhaps.

Still though I am sure that Allen's article will bring forth a lot of anger. I for one am glad that Law has found some peace and doing whatever Penance that he can whatever that shall be. I do have a feeling though for some reason that Cardinal Law will before he dies try to contribute to the healing in some way now unforeseen.

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