Monday, January 28, 2008

National Right To Life Says Huckabee Has Strongest Pro-Life Position

Good News here. The National Right to Life Committee came out with a good statement on Huckabee today. This group of course endorsed Fred Thompson earlier. A move that made a lot of people in the Huckabee , to McCain, and to the Romney camp upset. In their statement they do not take a stand on who pro-lifers should vote for. However we do see the state organizations going for Huckabee. There has been a stampede of these endorsements lately. The latest is the Tennessee Right for Right. Huckabee is there campaigning today before he returns for a final rally tonight in Florida.

In other good news a Big Time Fred Thompson supporter came over to the Huckabee camp. That is Tommie Williams, the majority leader of the Georgia senate.

The media is trying to spin that Huckabee is out of it but that appears not to be the case. These endorsements and people coming on board are from people that are factoring in already the Florida showing. A showing that I believed will be a surprised third.

I am going to try to do a Huckabee post tonight on another issue that has been bothering me. A blogger that I really like has some gripes with Huckabee and I think I shall try to respond.

Tomorrow I will show what the Huckabee plan is for Super Tuesday.

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