Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Taser Death- This Time In Louisiana

I have talked abou this issue before. I am getting more alarmed by the day with people being tasered all over the place. Last week I talked to a buddy that is on the Shreveport Police Department and he said yes it getting out of hand.

I am not only concerned with the rising evidence that his could be deadly or cause lasting harm. I also think it becoming a option for police rather than the hard work of conflict resolution. YES by Gosh the Police Bless them Don't get paid enough for that work.

Still as a former Asst DA this is concerning me more and more. Especially in rural areas(like this) where to say the least the quality of police go down. That is just a fact. Half the time I had to prosecute a case from such backwaters like Greenwood Louisiana, Oil City, Belcher, Vivian, and good gosh Mooringsport I just shook my head at the people that were law enforcement. It is amazing what you don't read in the papers. Lord knows what the Taser possessing cops in Lake Providence Louisiana are doing. I hate to think about it.

Anyway here we go. There is a video at the link.

WINNFIELD (TV8) - People living in the Winnfield community say they want justice after a 21 year old man died after being tasered by police. TV 8 news reporter Michelle Masson attended a rally for 21 year old Barron Collins this morning. People in Winnfield made their concerns known over the possibility that a taser may have contributed to Barron Collins' death Thursday afternoon.Collins' relative says, "I was standing right there, I saw everything, I saw when they killed him.

He told me to come get my Grandma and I told him I was coming. I came home in six minutes. They killed him in six minutes. Six minutes. They didn't find no drugs in his system, I was standing right there...from the time they picked his body up from Kay's to the time he was at the hospital. I was standing right there."Winnfield police say Collins had a felony warrant out for his arrest, and a tipster told them he was walking on West Court street. That's when police say he resisted arrest...and was tased after verbal warnings.

They say he became unresponsive while receiving initial medical treatment after being taken in for booking.. and died in the emergency room.Winnfield Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter was present at the protest and spoke with protester William Hall.In a dialogue with Chief Carpenter, Hall said, "I have all the confidence in you, that you will see this thing to the right place." Chief Carpenter said, "First of all, I want to say this, I do appreciate everyone's concerns..but at this point, it is under investigation.. all I can tell you at this point is you've got my word.

This ain't something that's just going to die on the side." Hall said, "Have their been any suspensions, any layoff's?" Chief Carpenter said, "No, there hasn't."Kayshon Collins, Barron Collins' Stepmother says, "I've been with him 21 years... All his 21 years of life...and we just want to know, we didn't come in any violent kind of way or anything, we just want peace...and some kind of closure...let us know what happened to our child." Chief carpenter says the autopsy results are still pending.Winnfield police say when autopsy results come in they can decide the next course of action.

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