Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney is a 1970 British Tory!!!!

You know I love how the conservative press in their anti Huckabee rants make Mike Huckabee look like some liberal Huey Long. Give me a break. It raises sales taxes a penny for schools and roads and he is made out to be a Democrat. Good Grief. Well I have a feeling the people in South Carolina will not buy that garbage.

I love following the British Press. They are really following this election and it is nice to a new outlook from folks that don't have a dog in this fight.

They really point out the double standard here as to Romney and his promises he made in Michigan. Go see the London Telegraph's thought's at Romney is a Republican Ted Heath

Now some people are shaking their heads in disbelief. The very conservative American Spectator had a excerpt from his Michigan speech here and made the following comment.
My question is: what does this have to do with a conservative, free market view of the U.S. economy? Are we now reduced to mimicking Soviet industrial policy? And where does this end? Surely every stumbling industry in the U.S. which failed to get its house in order should line up at the door to get their slice of the pie. Really, if not Romney, at least his conservatives supporters should have the intellectual honesty to say " What?!" But such is politics and it may work.

Joe Carter at the Evanglical Outpost was even more blunt:
Oh, and about those supporters? None of them criticized him for it. His friends at The Corner turned their heads and pretended that no one heard about it. Likewise, Hugh Hewitt didn’t mention that his favorite governor was embracing socialism. And the Club for Growth--a group which launches attack ads if Huckabee even pays sales tax--showed that they really are in Romney's pocket by remaining silent. As Rubin said, such is politics.

Wow, I wonder what Mrs Lopez thinks of that!!!!

You know I have mixed feeling here. I am not totally against what Romney is proposing. In some ways this is a national security matter. Much like my complicated views on farm Subsidiaries. Now I am not sure 20 billion dollars of Tax payers money to be spent in Michigan Car makers industries is a Tad too much. However I am for doing something.

The point is the double standard. We see it time and time and time again. Huckabee who was rated one of the best Governors in the United States builds roads and improves schools. That if you believe in Federalism is his proper role. However the same folks calling Huckabee a Liberal and tax and spend democrat turned their head on what is truly a radical proposal? Why? When will conservatives stop losing their soul. DO you fear Mike Huckabee that much?

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