Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anglican Priestess Becoming Catholics

Major tip of the hat to From Burke to Kirk and Beyond... to leading me to this London Telegraph story Women priests become Catholics. I have commented on this what it appears unlikely movement for a while. In fact there is a former Anglican female Priest blogger that is now Eastern Orthodox that keeps track of this.

There is a link in the article to the original Independent Newspaper article where they interview this incredible priest that is a part of the welcoming process. He also was instrumental in Tony Blairs conversion and many others. It is indeed fascinating and he goes into all this and much more. That article is Blair's confessor: An audience with Father Michael Seed .

I am always fascianting with the Father Sneed's of the World. I do believe God raises up , and have no doubt the Chruch is aware of this, Clergy and Religious that can interact with the Secular world of people in politics. In Washington DC there is a"Father Sneed" too. Politicians are a tough much. They are on stage and it is difficult at times for them to bare their soul. Also To gain their trust. I do think is a special vocation or calling and a important one.

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