Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What A Great And Beautiful Idea On How To Pray For Souls In Purgatory

I think this is great. I am considering making this a everyday feature of my blog. I love Requiescat in pace. In their first post:

Have you ever seen a tombstone with “R.I.P.” written on it? Maybe you’ve only seen Halloween-decoration tombstones so decorated. Did you wonder what it meant? It stands for “Rest in peace,” or in Latin, “Requiescat in pace.” As Catholics, we hope that we and all who die may someday rest in the peace of Christ, and it is a good and noble thing to pray for those who have gone before us. To this end, it has been a tradition for at least a century for Catholic families to have prayer cards printed when a loved one dies to remind people to pray for that person’s soul. Many of these end up in the trash, or tucked in prayer books.
We’ve found a few such cards tucked in used prayer books that we’ve bought or inherited, and decided that these souls should not be forgotten. We plan to post scans of both sides of the cards, in hope that our readers will find the artwork on the front sides of the cards interesting, and will pray for the souls of the deceased mentioned on the reverse.
If you have found cards like this in your old prayer books, or if you have collected them from funerals you have attended and would like to contribute them to our blog, scan them and email them to us or contact us for an address to which you may send a photocopy or an original card which we will post

I think that is a wonderful idea. I think I shall starting tommorow(actually today) copy and paste the picture on my blog and encourage all to do so that come here. With a message to go toRequiescat in pace everyday and do likewise. Also as they say to contribute there own pray cards.

It has often grieved me that as one of the few Catholics in my family that perhaps there will be few to pray for me after I depart this world. This web site in many ways gives some piece. Even though I hope my Holy Card does not show up on it anytime soon

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