Saturday, January 19, 2008

Congrat McCain Folks- The Huck Folks March On to Florida

Well it was a tough loss for Huckabee. Oh so close.

Looking at the counties in the north Fred Thompson had a effect that is for sure. Looking at the exit polls I believe that he cost us South Carolina. Still a good campaign with hardly no money so far. We are indeed living off the land. I am glad that we ran a pretty honorable camapign in that State.

There is still an opportunity for Huckabee in Florida and we shall have to see how it goes. There are a lot of unknowns we have to see how develop. The whole aspect of Fred and if he stays in is a big one.

The exit polls are indeed fascianting. I will be doing a look at the Catholic vote, the Huckabee vote , and some very important aspects of the John McCain vote that are real interesting.

I am also going to hit the immigration issue as to the South Carolina exit polls. I again think they show we need a reasonable compromise on this. There were some interesting numbers on it.

Great night I do feel for the Party. I still feel we are having a disscusion among us what we want and what we need. That is healthy.

For Huckabee to have any realistic chance for the nomination he must do something incredible in Florida. If not. Depending who wins he will be playing for influence in the convention. So keep the spirits up Huckabee Supporters there is a lot to fight for on many levels


Anonymous said...

James, here is a letter I left on today. Maybe you will like it!

Dear Mike Huckabee … I, like the rest of your supporters, was heavily disappointed over last night’s results in South Carolina. John McCain, a 71-year-old “OLD warhorse” with no strong “life” issues to his credit, would not surpass the Dems for the top position of commander in chief, unless he resurrected Ronald Reagan himself to run as his veep.

Now, I’m a believer in “hope,” which means I have not given up on your quest for the nomination, but at this point in time, you need all the help you can get from not only Christ Almighty, Our Savior and Redeemer, but His most glorious Mother, Mary. You also need to draw upon the prayers of the aborted, even though this may not be a Southern Baptist practice. Keep in mind, if Mitt Romney had to give away one dollar for every dead baby that has been the result of legalized abortion over the past 35 years in America, he would be a poor man overnight. That’s a lot of prayers, Gov. Mike, that you would be invoking if you do call upon the most-powerfully-innocent unborn babes in Heaven to intercede for you. One of those babies is my own, and I will continue to fight to the end, to eliminate the atrocious full disregard for human life that abortion brings not only directly to the child within its mother’s womb, but indirectly to the mother herself. Remember, governor & pastor, if you go down fighting wholeheartedly for the rights of the unborn in the name of Christ Jesus, you can only finish the race victorious.

(Woe to the pro-lifer who does not endorse and vote for you.)

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for Michael Huckabee and his team!

Jeanette O’Toole
(Daily Mass Roman Catholic and wife of Fighting Irish Thomas)
Domers for Huckabee

James H said...

I think that is great!!!!!!Jeanette . I am a little bit more up than I was last night. TO some come slow close.

IN reality We should have seen this coming with Fred but I think there is still hope