Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Louisiana Catholic Blogger is In Need of Help

Sunset on the Dragon's Reign is a Louisiana Catholic Blogger that is need of our assistance.

He and his family have been through so much. He has dealt since the summer with the illness of his father and death. He died over Christmas. His mother last week took ill with a bacterial infection that entered the brain. She has now died. I can't even comprehend. Well needless to say things like insurance lapsed and many other things happened. Now he and his brother are at wits end to be able to pay for his mother's burial.

I have received this and ask all if you can to contribute if you can.

Dear friends,

Yesterday Brenda Morgan Danna, mother of Toby Danna and Tory Danna, died of a heart attack.

Late December Brenda's husband, Thomas Danna, passed away. Toby and Tory lost both of their parents in less than two months. Onside of the emotional difficulty of this loss, they were unprepared for the financial burden of another funeral.

Given that Brenda did not have life insurance, I am trying to help raise funds to assist Toby and Tory paying for their mother's funeral. To get the cheapest casket and burial vault along with a grave side memorial costs $5,271 dollars.

If you are interested in helping please let myself or Max Harrington know. Any contribution is welcomed. Ideally, the Danna family would like to have the funeral on Thursday which would require having the money on Tuesday. However, I am sure they will work it out as the Lord provides.

Since I am currently living in San Jose, California, Max Harrington has agreed to receive funds from anyone willing to help financially. Max lives in Baton Rouge and is good friend of Toby Danna. His email is and his phone number is 337-380-2097. If you want to drop off any money, call Max. His address is 5151 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana apartment number 251 (Highland Plantation). His zip code for mailing is 70808.

Please make checks payable to Toby Danna. One of the seven corporal works of mercy towards our neighbor is burial of the dead. Please pray for the Danna family. Even if you are unable to help financially, your prayers are greatly appreciated

. In Christ, Ryan 952-0247

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