Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are Americans More Polite Than the British?

I suppose that would turns some heads. Tip of the hat to Standing on My Head that reminded of this article in the London Telgraph The American public is far more polite.

Father at Standing on his head makes his funny observations as to his English wife. For those confused Father had a interesting history. He was Brought up in an American Evangelical home went to Bob Jones University of all palces and then England where became an Anglican Priest for 25 years!!! Now he is back and a Catholic under the Patoral provision. Hence the wife :)

Now are American more polite than the people in Mother England.?Well I don't know. I do think the UK media are often blown away by the political process and perhaps they are seeing the salt of the earth people. People involved in politics that involves converting people to your side are usually outgoing. In my experience the British people I have met were very very nice. Good read

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