Saturday, January 26, 2008

Louisiana Catholic BLogger Update For January 26th

Since I have not been able to do the Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update this past week. this one shall be pretty big. I am going to catch up on what the Louisiana Catholic bloggers have been saying this week.

Catholic Tube is back after getting situated in his new job. He has a ton of vids from the past week and I going to list them all. The are :
Mary Mother God-A brief explanation of Mary’s role in the Catholic faith. Music done by artist John Hancock
Our Lady of the Nations Part 1-Dr. Mark Miravalle gives a talk about Our Lady of All Nations at the “United Nations Parish”, Manhattan, NY
Looking For a Superhero??-Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris has political related vid
The Renewal of Exorcists- This is really interesting and I am not hearing a lot about this in the US
The Acceptance of Cursing God in Society
In Memory of Those We Lost-Dedicated to the fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers we will never know.
MountainCast: Lino Rulli
Roe vs Wade: 35 Years of Choice Part 1
EWTN Interviews Students at March For Life
More on the ESPN & Dana Jacobson Controversy
Roe vs Wade: 35 Years of Choice Part 2

The Catholic UnderGround has some good posts up. Go see Finding Your Keys: Episode 1 - Marriage as Covenant. Here Louisiana Catholic blogger and radio host takes us on the journey of how the covenants are different from contracts and specifically how Marriage is a Covenant. Josh also talks about society's view of Marriage in general. CU Episode 66: Oh, He’s Gone Crosseyed. is their latest podcast for the week and the show notes can be seem here at Episode 66 Shownotes

From The Recamier has been updating as usual during the week. Her latest entry is here. Happy 25 the Wedding Anniversary. She has a lot of interesting facts and things we need to know. She reminds me that the LSU men's basketball team is playing Arkansas today. Which is something I wish I didn't know. Yes I will have to tune in for the disaster no doubt

Alive and Young has a ton of great posts. Go see this funny pic at One Sign That You Drive Too Fast . March for Life 2008 is a great post. Oh and check out his new other site Now Open for Business . If you are a GK Chesterton be sure to check that one out. Another fun post of Not Said By Jesus Sunday here

Arrival : The Parousian Weblog had a great post here at On the Feast of St. Francis de Sales . This looks like a great novel here at "You suffered with them, and now you are theirs."

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message had a nice read here at CDM for Feast of Saint Francis de Sales (24 Jan 2008). St Francis de Sales is one of my favorite Saints and I wished I had spent some time on him

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks of course had a ton of posts. Here is Mailing Ballads, Valentines, and May. She has her book reviewed at Review of "A Picture Perfect Childhood" A picture of Louisiana winter here at Can Everyone Say "Bleak" A Light to Heaven is a nice post on lighting a candle

Footprints on the Fridge has a Nice post here at Keep A Candle Burning which is related to the post Cajun Cottage did.

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has a several good post the last few days. Be sure to see his 22,d, 24th, and 25th of Jan entries

I thought that Full Circle here had a wonderful and so true post here at Lamenting the general state of parks ... The difference between Louisiana and Arkansas in this regards at times is something else. Even though Louisiana State parks have improved. A good read

The Brown Pelican Society again has a ton of posts. He updates everyday and has about ten post per day on the Church, politics, and Pro life issues. Be sure to check him out today.

A Number of Things has this post Cheesemaking 101. Pretty cool. This a really neat. GO see Do You Use Online Coupons?. Funny and cute pics here at "These are my wormy friends..."

Till Tomorrow!!! That is it for the Louisiana Catholic blogger update. However I will be posting on other things this Dreary rainy Louisiana afternoon.

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