Thursday, January 17, 2008

Response to the Huckabee is a Theocrat Silliness

Crunchy Con has Huckabee's Beliefnets interview where he responds to all this nonsense. Go see Huck's Beliefnet interview.

As I have stated for a Theocrat, he sure has a weird position on School mandated prayer. HE IS VERY MUCH AGAINST IT.

I thought Rod's comments were good. He has been making the same observation I have been doing. If he framed it in the terms of Natural law it would not have been such a blowup.

However that does lead me to one complaint I have about the Huckabee Campaign staff. Huckabee is good at getting across points to the audience he is speaking too. For instance if he gave that speech at the Catholic National Prayer Breakfast he would use words like "Natural law" and "Culture of Life"

Now Huckabee is treated unfairly. I think media realizes that the people running talk to different segments of the nation is the cultural terms they understand and factor that in with their reporting. There appears to be no such standard as to the Huckabee camp though.

Therefore I think he has to realize that his words will go national, and not given the local context, more than the folks

Update- I thought National Review comment Rod linked too was telling and indeed shocking. I might go into that later.

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